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Graffiti Prints Online Show

Due to COVID-19, we have had to cancel two summer shows in London -Trafalgar Square- then in NYC. To overcome our disappointment but still honour our commitments to great artists, we will go online on our release page from Sunday June 7th to Sunday June 14th, with a group show featuring ORIGINAL WORKS from El Pez, Fanakapan, FinDac, Hama Woods, James Bullough, Kunstrasen, Louis Masai, Martin Whatson, Nuno Viegas & SNIK.

Prior to the opening of the show - see timetable below - there will be:

- 4 PRINT RELEASES of some of the displayed artists


We would have given out free mini-prints at both shows, so we decided to raffle them online. Each person buying a £5 ticket will be given the chance to win a mini print while knowing that 100% of their ticket price will go to local foodbanks, here around Newcastle, UK.

Our area has been and is still highly affected, the outbreak has made it much more difficult for many people to financially or physically access food so we decided raise more money with the raffle tickets.

You can buy as many tickets as you like. 20 mini-prints from 8 artists are guaranteed to be won - FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING - production and posting costs as our contribution of course - while supporting organisations on the frontline.


JUNE 1ST, 0:01am BST: the online charity RAFFLE goes live on our release page, each mini print being available at £5 a ticket and staying up for the duration of the online group show
By this time, all upcoming prints and original works will be VIEWABLE as well but not available yet for purchase!

JUNE 1ST, 5pm BST: FINDAC screen print release

JUNE 3RD, 5pm BST: LOUIS MASAI hand-painted etching release

JUNE 5TH, 5pm BST: NUNO VIEGAS print release

JUNE 7TH, 4:55pm BST: MARTIN WHATSON print release

JUNE 7TH, 5pm BST: opening of the ONLINE GROUP SHOW, all ORIGINAL WORKS will go live!

Please note that it will take about 15 mins for all to be available, so be patient on the artwork you want

JUNE 14TH, midnight: all works will be taken down - end of the show!