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Raffle Prints

Due to COVID 19, we have had to cancel two summer group shows, London in Trafalgar Square and New York City in Manhattan. To overcome our disappointment, and the fun we would have had we decided to do it online and turn it into a big a positive as we can.

We were giving out free prints at both shows, so we have decided to raffle them all off 20 from each artist at £5 each, with 100% of all sales going to local food banks in our area. We want to help, so any donation via the raffle is welcome, in the UK and especially in our area COVID 19 in more disadvantaged area's, rates have been higher, and those people are facing real issues.

You can buy as many tickets as you like, we want to raise as much as possible, we are personally taking the production costs and posting costs as our contribution, so all monies raised goes direct to the food bank.

The running order of the show

June 1st at midnight all raffle prints go live and stay up for the duration of the show till June 14th at midnight. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

1st June FinDac 23 colour screen print release at 5 pm BST

3rd June  Masai hand-painted etching print release at 5 pm BST  

5th June Nuno Viegas print release at 5 pm BST

7th June martin whatson print release at 4.55 pm BST.

June 7th all show works go live at 5 pm BST.

June 14th at midnight show closes with all works taken down.